Fort Circle Crowns Team, Individual Champions in Online “The Shores of Tripoli” Tournament

WASHINGTON, DC —  May 8, 2022 — The Shores of Tripoli 2022 Online Tournament of Champions has concluded. The tournament featured 44 four-person teams made up of players across the country and around the world, including Canada, Mexico, Liberia, Ireland, England, Scotland, Spain, Catalonia, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Lithuania.

The tournament lasted for five weeks and was free to enter. Players used Tor Andersson’s online platform,, to play two games each week – once as the Americans and once as the Tripolitans. After four preliminary rounds, there was a championship week for both the top team and top individual competition.

In the team competition, the top two teams, Rocks of Gibraltar (26-5-1) and The Replacements (20-10-2), faced off in a final best-of-nine series in which Rocks of Gibraltar won five games to two to claim the championship. In doing so, Rocks of Gibraltar took home the championship prize: a framed 35″x22″ Raymond Massey giclee-on-canvas print titled “To the Shores of Tripoli.”

“We had several tough matches along the way,” noted Miles Hartfield, Rocks of Gibraltar team captain. “But we are enjoying our hard-fought victory and look forward to future Fort Circle competitions.”

In the individual competition, the Preble Medallion was awarded to Lauren Hartsfield. Hartsfield finished the preliminary portion of the tournament as the only 8-0 player and received a bye to the finals. In pursuit of the second spot in the finals were four players that finished 7-1: Cody Ross, Miles Hartsfield, Alden Bruce and Kelsey Schoeman. Schoeman emerged victorious from the single-elimination playoff but lost two games of three to Hartsfield in the final.

Other individual awards included:

Top “American” Player: Alexandre Lewkowicz

Top “Tripolitan” Player: Darren Rockett

Stephen Decatur Young Commander Award: Cody Ross

David Thompson Top Human Being Award: Sebastian Bae

Players of the Week: Lauren Hartsfield (Week 1), Shaan Shaikh (Week 2), Ada Weyland (Week 3), and Klemens Ehret (Week 4).

Fort Circle donated $250 for each Player of the Week to the Toys for Tots Foundation.

Tournament recap videos can be found at


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