Kevin Bertram and Jason Matthews to Present “Gaming as a Tool for Understanding History” at History Camp at George Mason University

WASHINGTON, DC – November 14, 2019 – History Camp, the event for history lovers from all walks of life, will welcome Kevin Bertram and Jason Matthews as presenters at History Camp Virginia 2019.

“Gaming as a Tool for Understanding History” in which Bertram and Matthews examine the educational aspects of modern gaming is one of more than 30 sessions planned for the November 16 event on the campus of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

Designed for people who are passionate about history, regardless of age, profession, or field of study, History Camps are also held in New England, the Midwest, and the Mountain West. This will be the first time in the Mid-Atlantic.

“When I started History Camp six years ago in Boston, I wanted to give people who believed in the importance of history a platform—a voice,” said Lee Wright, History Camp founder.  “We’ve had authors, professors, teachers, students, volunteer docents, park rangers, professional historians, amateur historians, a public health nurse, retired folks, an aerospace engineer, a surgeon, lawyers, a software developer, executive directors—nearly every age, background, and interest—present on nearly every era and aspect of history.  This is why we say, ‘Come to History Camp and spend a Saturday with some of the most interesting people in history.'”

Kevin Bertram, the Founder of Fort Circle Games, and Jason Matthews, a noted game designer, will explore the history of both games and wargames and how games might transition from a hobby activity to an educational activity.

About History Camp

More information on History Camp, as well as the growing list of sessions at History Camp Virginia, is at  History Camp is a project of The Pursuit of History, the non-profit organization that engages adults in conversation about history and connects them with historic sites in their communities and across the country.

About Fort Circle Games

Fort Circle Games was founded in 2017 to develop and publish beautiful board games that are grounded in historical events. Fort Circle games are designed to be approachable and easy to learn for novice gamers and students – but also challenging enough to encourage repeat play by old grognards. Fort Circle Games is proudly based in Washington, DC and is named after the network of fortifications that defended the city during the Civil War.

For more information, contact:
Kevin Bertram
kevin at fortcircle dot com