Fort Circle Games Announces The Shores of Tripoli

WASHINGTON, DC – October 3, 2019 – In 1801, a fledgling nation with a small navy and an even smaller treasury faced its first real international crisis — piracy, kidnapping and the privations of the Barbary states of the Mediterranean. To meet this challenge, Thomas Jefferson launched an expedition to punish the Barbary Pirates which would come to be known as the First Barbary War (1801 – 1805). The exploits of the Navy and Marine Corps in this conflict would be immortalized in the Marine Corps Hymn.

The Shores of Tripoli tasks two players to recreate this swashbuckling episode from Early American history. As the United States, you will pressure Tripolitania and her allies to allow free movement of American commerce or face the consequences. As the bashaw of Tripoli, your aim is to continue the lucrative piracy of the fearsome corsairs while also countering the American threat on land and sea.

The Shores of Tripoli will launch on the crowd-funding site on October 13, 2019 – the 244th birthday of the United States Navy. The Kickstarter campaign will end on November 21, 2019 – eleven days after the 244th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. The game will be delivered in April 2020.

The Shores of Tripoli is a low complexity, card driven game for two players (with solitaire rules). Players relive the decisions and dilemmas of history in this episode of high adventure. Fast setup and a playtime of 45-60 minutes.

About Fort Circle Games

Fort Circle Games was founded in 2017 to develop and publish beautiful board games that are grounded in historical events. Fort Circle games are designed to be approachable and easy to learn for novice gamers and students – but also challenging enough to encourage repeat play by old grognards. Fort Circle Games is proudly based in Washington, DC and is named after the network of fortifications that defended the city during the Civil War.

For more information, contact:

Kevin Bertram
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