The Shores of Tripoli Online Tournament of Champions

Fort Circle Games is pleased to announce The Shores of Tripoli Online Tournament of Champions will be held from March 28, 2022 – April 24, 2022. Players will play once as the Americans and once as the Tripolitans each week at Rally the Troops. Play is asynchronous and the time commitment is about 45 minutes per week with the tournament running for four weeks. The Tournament will use the “Fortress Tripoli” variant.

There are both team and individual prizes. The top team prize is a framed Raymond Massey 35″ x 22″ giclee on canvas print of “To the Shores of Tripoli” featuring the frigate Constitution bombarding the shore batteries of Tripoli on August 3, 1804, with the brig Syren adding supportive fire. The top individual prize is The Preble Medallion, a 2.5″ bronze coin produced by the U.S. Mint featuring Edward Preble’s likeness on the front and a battle scene from August 1804 on the reverse. Other prizes include books, games, posters and a painted Barzso 54mm “The Shores of Tripoli” play set.

Teams are made up of four players and the team record is the sum of the individual records. For determining standings, each win counts as 1 win and each draw counts as 0.5 win. Ties between individuals and teams with equal records will be broken by “naval prestige points” (a reflection of how many frigates were sunk and merchant ships captured).

If you are an individual that wishes to participate: Sign up for an account on Rally the Troops and then email Kevin Bertram with your name, RtT username and geographic location (either state or country). You will be placed on a team matching your geographic location.

If you are a team captain that wishes to participate: Have all of your team members sign up for an account on Rally the Troops and then email Kevin Bertram with the names, RtTusernames and email addresses of your team members, as well as your team name. If you do not have a full four person team, we will match you with individuals to round out your team.

We highly recommend that you follow our company Twitter and YouTube channel for tournament updates and further news.